5 Critical Online Marketing Activities You Can’t Ignore

Are you interested in turning your website into a sales and marketing powerhouse? If you answered yes, then you should be paying very close attention to certain marketing activities. There are specific tools that can give you leverage on the latest customer conversion, visitor engagement, and lead nurturing.

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Here are 5 activities that you just can’t ignore if you want to have success with your marketing efforts:

1- Content Personalization and Segmentation

Using generic marketing assumes that each of the visitors to your site are exactly the same. When churning out the same old content despite the wide range of customers and their wide range of interests you fall into an unproductive rut.

When you identify the specific needs of your visitors you can provide a better experience for your customers and boost engagement. By segmenting your customer base into multiple groups of individuals, who all share the same needs and values, you can personalize your content to fit those needs and more accurately reach a wider audience.

It is important to gather information about your customer base and use the necessary tools to properly reach your audience. This information should include elements such as:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Company position
  • Visited pages
  • Products purchased
  • Downloaded documents

When you arm yourself with this information you get a better insight to who your customer is and can adjust your website content accordingly. This creates a shorter path between your site visitors and their goals. If you deliver what the customer needs, when the customer needs it, it shows that you care.

2- Lead Scoring

Most sales leads are considered “cold leads” and end without adding to your company revenue. These leads can consume the time of your sales team and cause “hot leads” to fall by the wayside. By turning your website into a scoreboard you can organize your leads by ranking them against each other. When you can accurately prioritize your leads your sales efforts are more likely to convert.

You can identify the “hot leads” by awarding points to website visitors who:

  • Provide a company name
  • Download specific documents
  • Search specific keywords
  • Visit particular pages
  • Come from a specific region
  • Provide a phone number
  • Have a corporate email

By categorizing your visitors you get a clearer view of who your customers really are. This allows your sales team to be more productive, close more deals, and boost revenue growth.

3- A/B and Multivariate Testing

The engagement of your visitors is vital to your conversion rates. Different pages have different elements and when compared side by side they can produce vastly different results. There is no one better to ask about the effectiveness of certain pages than those who are actively using them.

You can quickly and easily identify which pages work best by creating slightly different pages that focus on different elements and then comparing how your visitors interact with them. This will allow you to fine tune your website for the greatest interaction, which will result in better conversion rates.

What, exactly, should you test. There is a range of possibilities, and multivariate testing can include:

  • Images
  • Page layout
  • Color and buttons
  • Informative content
  • Page design
  • Graphics

All of these elements could impact the way a customer sees your website. The more you test the more effective your efforts will be. Carefully track the results of each test and you can begin to optimize your site for better engagement and higher conversion rates.

4- Contact Management

This is where your sales team can take action by using contact management. It’s more than a simple list of names, phone numbers, or addresses. This is where you observe behavior, find submitted and learned data, and get results from lead scores. When your sales team is fully informed on the information and history of each contact with your brand you are more likely to convert those specific leads.

By building sustainable relationships with your prospects it shows that you care. And it’s pretty simple, people want to do business with people they like.

Learn about who your visitors are by gathering data:

  • Forums, posts, and comments
  • Products purchased
  • Campaigns and conversions
  • Visited pages
  • Online form submission
  • Downloads
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Keyword search terms from Google and onsite search

5- Web Analytics

This one should be a no brainer. If you don’t have some way of measuring how your website is performing then you don’t know where to start in order to make it better. You want to increase the number of visitors to your site, but the key is to increase the right kind of visitors to your site. Using web analytics can help you understand the type and behavior of your visitors and in turn you can respond correctly to those needs.

You can boost your online strategy by analyzing reports from data that is constantly being gathered in the background of your site. This data includes things like:

  • Traffic: region, referring sites, source, and specific keywords used
  • Visitors: location, time spent on each page, particular browser used for search
  • Content: top landing pages and exit pages, number of views, time spent on each page, invalid pages, downloads, number of keywords searched on site
  • Campaigns: easy-to-understand overview and management, conversions

By following these 5 marketing activities you can expect to see improvement in conversion rates due to sales-ready leads, an increase in the right kind of traffic, higher engagement from customers, and last, but certainly not least, an increase in revenue.

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