5 Rules for Using Social Media to Promote Your Site

The definition of “SEO” (search engine optimization) has changed as many times as a girl getting ready for a Saturday night blind date. The online world has been moving, growing, learning, and changing since the first computers allowed us to fix wagon wheels and take care of our oxen in the grade-school game of Oregon Trail. Today we want to search, on purpose or by happy accident, the internet for immediate results that fit our needs. So, as a business owner, how do you reach the impatient and tech-savvy masses that is now your online market?

Businessman with Social Media Concepts

You may think that Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram are only for the vast amount of insecure teens out there trying to brag about how many times they went to the gym that week, but you would be wrong. The amount of people, who genuinely care about your business, are just as familiar with these social sites as the pimple-faced teens posting pictures of their lunch.

So why is it important to promote your business on social media platforms and what are the best-practice rules to engage your audience?

Rule number 1 – The One in Seven Rule

Don’t overdo it. This rule states that only one in seven of your posts should be directly promoting your business. When you post about your company make it good, make it count, make it worthwhile, but don’t bombard your social platforms with posts only to sell sell sell! Be relevant and helpful. Use six out of those seven posts to guide them to your blog for helpful tips and information about your business, but make sure you post interesting content to keep people coming back.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” – Stephen King

Rule number 2 – Everyone has an Opinion

This rule allows you to engage with your audience, clients, and customers. Post questions and get to know your followers. Most people enjoy sharing an opinion, so ask your followers to weigh in on a topic that may affect your business. Start a conversation that allows you to talk about your product or service.

Rule number 3 – You are the Expert

Share your knowledge. This is, after all, your business. Give people information on what you’re selling, offering, donating, or be kind enough to share your golden nuggets of wisdom about your industry. Make it fun. Post little-known fun facts or questions and offer prizes to the first person who answers correctly.

Rule number 4 – Embrace the Visual

Humans are extremely visual, which is why department stores spend so much money on their window displays. The internet is no different. Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are based entirely on the visual aspect of marketing. Make sure that your content is look-worthy, simple, and relevant to catch the eye of your consumer.

Rule number 5 – Headlines Matter

You can produce the most compelling social content with all the right antidotes and information, but if you can’t entice someone to take a peek at it, using only the title, it will be lost in the lonely dark abyss that is the internet, forever. It’s just like catching a fish. Without the right bait, you’ll never reel them in.

Social media can be the most compelling way to reach a vast audience. You may not think that it is effective in the land of marketing, but millions of people spend an enormous amount of time on all of these platforms. Whether you are a small start-up business or a part of a grand corporate chain of money-making glory, marketing on social platforms is a must in today’s world.

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