Provides New Service to Evaluate Domain Names

Domain name owners can now determine the fair and certifiable value for their domains through a new appraisal service.

A new website and service,, has launched and is offering a new method to determine a certifiable value of a domain name. homepage image

This new venture from Mike Mann, president and owner of, brings a new system to the marketplace, making it possible for domain name owners to determine a fair and realistic valuation of a domain that is not influenced by personal biases or reliant on the strict and irrelevant numbers gathered by various algorithms/bots.

Domain names remain a critical component of online marketing, and their value as a branding tool is technically priceless. However, this service has developed a system to help you put a price on the priceless.

“Unlike normal markets and industries, the very best professionals who actually appraise domains can vary widely in their valuations,” Mike Mann said. “This is why it is so critical to get the determination of three professionals to provide a fair appraisal without the risk of the huge biases that all of our competitors have.”

This new service offers:

Expert Appraisals – Three independent appraisers will evaluate every domain carefully, using the best-in-class tools and techniques to determine the fair market value for your domain. The system uses the world’s top domain appraisers to examine your domain.

Dependable Accuracy – The customer will receive the average of these three appraisals. This is the only way to really get an accurate appraisal. This will eliminate potential or accidental biases of a single appraisal.

Value Certification – After every appraisal, we provide a certificate, so you can prove your domain’s value to any potential buyers, sellers, accountants, or whoever.

There are many factors that impact the actual value of the domain, which can include a history of previous offers, previous sales at auction, high levels of direct or “type-in” traffic, and other industry factors.

Bots may be able to gather much of this information, but they cannot effectively evaluate it.

The cost for this service is $88 per domain. This is in comparison to other similar services that can go as high as $500 per domain. (In these instances, though, you will not have the three professional appraisers looking at your domain. Instead, the valuation is likely performed by a bot or an amateur who is merely following a set of standardized guidelines.) will, however, only appraise .com domains. This domain extension is the only one that is likely to have extensive value now or in the future.

Before you buy or sell another domain, this new service can help you determine the true value of your online assets and make informed decisions.

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