African Cities Digging Top Level Domain Names

You probably wouldn’t think as Africa as having an interest in domain names. Many cities in Africa have spotty Internet connection and limited access to computers.

Why would they be interested in domain names, especially top-level domain names?

Contrary to what you may believe, Africans are extremely connected to each other and others around the world. This connectedness is done through the wide availability of mobile phones. Some of these phones are smartphones with full internet browsers while others are feature phones with a crude, limited internet.

The access to some form of the internet has created the need for companies (both domestically and internationally) that do business in Africa to create websites, which all need a domain name.

The Popularity of .Africa

It is no surprise that country governments and business across Africa have preferred to use the top-level domain name extension of .Africa.

The domain name registry seller of the .Africa domain has also sold and managed sites such as and The .za domain name extensions are remnants of the former company called ZA Central Registry.  Since 2012, more than 10,000 African domain names have been registered using the .Africa extension. The company has seen an uptick in African domain name registrations. The results have been the registration of over 1000 new  .Africa domains already so far in the beginning of July.

These top-level domains that have been registered include: airways. Africa,,,,,,, and

There are many possible reasons for the growth of TLD name registration in Africa. Some of the common hypothesis include the domain name purchasing and registration process and the wide-open domain name frontier that is present in Africa.

Both African based and international organizations, government agencies, for-profit corporations and nonprofit organizations have climbed onto the .Africa bandwagon.

Geographic Top-Level Domains

Some African cities have gone a step further than the .africa domain and have registered geographic specific top-level domains.

The top three cities with the highest concentration of geographic top-level domains (gTLDs) are: Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. It is estimated that these three cities have already registered 10,000 domain names.

Not surprising, the corresponding TLD extensions are .capetown, .joburg and .durban.

The same company that sell the .africa, .capetown, .joburg and .durbin domain name extensions also are working with other cities around the world to offer such geographic top-level domains as .berlin and .newyork.

A spokesperson of the domain name seller and registry admits that the .com top-level domain extension is still by far the most sought after and used. Nevertheless, he is confident that the .africa and the more specific geographical top-level domains will continue to be popular and valuable.

The company is confident that it will sell its goal of 25,000 new top-level domain names.

A top-level domain is important to your website. It will make your website stand out and be easy to remember by web users.

Whether you’re re-designing your brand’s website or building one for the first time, carefully think about its domain name.

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