Building Your Brand Using Social Media

The best way for you to get your brand or idea out there in the world is marketing, and many companies put thousands of dollars into marketing plans hoping that they can further create an identity for their brand in the public’s eye. Perhaps one of the better ideas that companies are not taking full advantage of, however, is using the world of social media to promote their brand.

Why Social Media?
If you want to communicate your idea, brand, or vision to the people, what better way to do that, than go to the people directly? With the surging rise in popularity of social media channels that are now available to everyone, it should be considered a “must” to put your brand out there on those same channels. Through these channels, you can now communicate more easily and clearly with your consuming public.

Not only is it easier to communicate with your public, but it also helps diversify your marketing outreach and continues to promote your strategy. Prior to the advent of social media, the only way to reach your customer base was strictly through word of mouth. Social media takes that idea of “word of mouth” marketing and multiplies it by millions. Through these channels, you can now spread your word (or your brand/idea) across the world rather than just focusing on certain cities.Brand Product Marketing Loyalty Thumbs Up Symbol

How Does It Work?
Using social media as a communication tool to build your brand is easy. Rather than throwing out the best logos or design and hoping that your flashiness and coolness will work to attract a potential customer base, you are now able to communicate to that customer base directly. Those customers get to know you and your company on a more “intimate” basis. They are interested in the people behind the idea, and once they have caught on to those personal details and see that you are more authenticate then the glossy brand, you will then steadily see your brand and business grow.

Another beautiful thing about using social media to increase brand awareness is the cost. It is a relatively simple and easy cost-effective way using the different social channels to promote your ideas.

Social Media Ideas
Creating a blog for your company is free and is one of the best ways to promote your business. A lot of business heads shudder when they think about updating or writing a blog, but it is a lot easier than it sounds. It will take some momentum and will to get it going and off the ground, but once you do, your possibilities are endless. Write about your product and what it does, why people should be into it, etc. Then, in that blog, make sure to create a link back to your product so that people can gain further information. It’s not rocket science, but you’d be surprised at how many companies are not taking advantage of this.

Other companies have jumped on the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter wagons and have used each of those social media sites to their benefit. In fact, many of those companies not only see a push in marketing come from these sites, but also a higher regular flow of customers that want to be a part of whatever brand or idea that is being pushed.

The important thing to remember when choosing a social media entry point is to find out where your customer base is. You want to be able to not only find your target audience, but you want to bring them back with you. Some of the best ways to find these audiences is by a simple Google search. Choose keywords that you think best represent your brand or idea and see what results come back to you. If there are any blogs or forums that discuss similar ideas, then become an active follower, or better yet: join them. If you can make significant strides to show that you care about that target audience, then the better your brand or idea holds up with them.

Finally, it can not be said enough: building trust with your customer base is the key. People aren’t necessarily looking for the fastest, strongest, latest idea, but they want to believe in something that will work for them. That is the greatest asset with using social media. By speaking directly to your customer base, showing them that you have knowledge in that area, and then helping them better their life with your brand or idea should be your overall goal.

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