How to Create Effective Landing Pages

All the traffic in the world will not help you achieve your website goals if the visitors do not take any action. This is where landing pages come into play. When visitors are directed to pages that are designed for a specific purpose they are much more likely to engage with the website. Although there is no precise formula for the perfect landing page, there are some key components that support optimal conversion potential. This article outlines the essential qualities of winning landing pages.

Before you Begin

The process of building a landing page should not begin until you have determined a few things. Some questions you may want to ask yourself to get started include:Conversions Word on Yellow Roadsign

  • What are your goals for the landing page?

The purpose behind a landing page can range from getting a visitor to click through to another page, collecting lead information, making a sale or a variety of other actions. The first step for any landing page strategy is to determine what type of conversions you are aiming for.

  • Who is Your Competition?

Evaluating your competition is not only an effective way to gain ideas for your strategy. It can also help you gauge the amount of work ahead of you as well as become aware of mistakes to avoid.

  • Who is Your Target Audience?

The level of understanding you have as far as your audience is concerned will directly impact your ability to tailor your approach to fulfill their wants and needs. If you have not thoroughly researched your ideal customers then it will make it difficult to write compelling copy that will speak to your audience.

  • Where did Your Traffic originate from?

The messages on your landing pages may need to be adjusted to cater to the location that your audience is coming from. The message you want to project might vary according to the type of traffic you are receiving for a specific page.

The Components of a Successful Landing Page

The foundation of a high-quality landing page is strong copy. Without good fundamental copy it doesn’t matter what the rest of the page looks like. This doesn’t mean that the design of the page is not important but it is not the chief concern. A good landing page avoids clutter and confusion and focuses on response-oriented copywriting.

An optimized landing page will support conversions from both paid and organic traffic sources. Some key elements that support positive action include:

  • Simple and Direct Language

The content on your optimized landing page must be highly focused on the topic in a manner that promotes the goals you want to achieve. Overly long or indirect copy will only serve to distract and cause you to lose visitors. The content should also be easy to scan by making the most important content clearly visible. Providing visitors with the options of moving through the information quickly will enhance engagement.

  • Winning Headlines

An engaging and keyword-focused headline is a must for your landing page. It is the first thing a visitor will see after clicking through to your page and it needs to give them a reason to stay on the page.

  • Highlighted Benefits

Visitors that arrive on you landing page should be able to immediately know what they stand to gain. This means that they shouldn’t have to guess at what they will be receiving and the benefits should be unmistakable. Make sure to outline the advantages that can be accessed by completing the desired action.

  • Clear Calls to Action

There should be no question as to what steps are necessary for your visitor to receive the benefits you are offering. Tell them exactly what you want them to do in large, bold text. If you do not have a call to action then your page might as well not exist. Every landing page should have a goal and desired action that you want visitors to take. It is your job to create a page that guides them through the process with ease.

  • Clean Design

Cluttered pages are only effective at distracting visitors, which is not conducive to your conversion goals. Keeping your landing pages clean and visually appealing can enhance readability, trust and goal completions. Navigations should be simple and obvious and nothing should interfere with a visitor’s conversion. The addition of bright and eye-catching images can also increase the attractiveness of the page and make for a better user experience.

  • Trust and Confidence

Trust has a big impact on potential conversions, which is why you should showcase any testimonials or positive reviews that your business has received in the past. Inspiring confidence can also be achieved with high-quality content that is both relevant and useful to your visitors.

While landing pages all serve to promote conversions, the manner in which this is achieved will vary according to your audience and goals. By incorporating the elements above into you landing page you can be sure to start off with a quality page. Once you have set up your landing page it is important to continue testing and fine-tuning it to find the perfect balance for your visitors.


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