Important Considerations for Today’s CMO

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is shifting as the digital landscape continues to change the way consumers are researching and buying products. CMO’s are expected to discover and meet the needs of a progressively more diverse and global customer base. The reputations of the corporations they represent are also increasingly exposed to influence by third parties, which enhances the need for brand protection and direct consumer engagement.

Increased Involvement

The demands placed on today’s CMO have extended past the overarching marketing levels down to the driving factors behind conversions, the details of product development, tech influences and customer interaction. Effective campaigns now require an in-depth understanding of a variety of factors, which can include:

  • Customer Needs and Expectations

Finding out exactly what customers want from you is essential before executing your next campaign or promoting a new corporate message. Taking the time to listen to and make use of customer feedback can heavily influence the success of your ongoing marketing efforts.

  • Engaging Content

The marketing strategy for practically every brand has become increasingly content focused. Capturing the attention of your customers requires entertaining, informative and valuable content on a variety of platforms.

  • Tech Solutions

Attempting to manage expanded marketing campaigns on multiple standalone solutions can obstruct your ability to analyze data. A technology partner that is able to integrate the components you need is critical.

  • Continuous Change

The fast and frequent change in trends, tastes and technology make it necessary to dive in to new strategies rather than waiting for things to settle down before making a move.

Brand Protection

Human resources and CRMA proactive role in brand protection has become a mandatory task for CMO’s. The security of your online strategy is paramount and can involve several factors such as domain names, social media, online traffic and consumer confidence.

  • Domain Names

Strategic marketing efforts surrounding your domain name can be a significant aspect of brand protection. Monitoring any misuse of your domain name can also be important to prevent harm to the reputation of your brand and company.

  • Social Media

While the use of social media has become a necessary component of an effective marketing campaign it has also provided a venue for potential brand abuse. This involves social media users taking advantage of the brand recognition of your company to steal traffic, tarnish the reputation of your brand and exploit customer relationships.

  • Traffic

Attempts to divert traffic by online scammers have become a serious problem and often result in a loss of traffic and harm to brand reputation.  In addition to being on the lookout for these activities, it can also be beneficial to fight against them by creating a clear path to your website and official social media accounts.

  • Consumer Confidence

Helping customers avoid imposters and fraudulent activities protects brand loyalty and associated liability issues.

The Digital CMO

The shift to a digitally focused marketing platform has changed the way effective CMO’s connect with consumers, use data and test new strategies.

  • Engagement

The best digital CMO’s tailor their content so that it is not only aligned with their brand but also focused on their audience. This strategy leads customers to find you rather than seeking out customers and demanding their attention. The promotion of a brand is now centered on telling a story in place of the traditional commercial pitch. This develops an open interaction aimed at building a community that is tied to your brand.

  • Data

The analysis and measurement of data is used by CMO’s to precisely target their marketing efforts in order to drive results. Tracing each investment to an outcome guides the execution of future strategies and optimizes ongoing campaigns.

  • Innovation

Challenging old assumptions and regularly testing and validating new strategies has become crucial to success in digital marketing.

The points above can support the development of a marketing process that enhances a company’s brand while preserving its reputation. However, even the best CMO’s can’t accomplish this without help and need to hire the right people to direct and execute these strategies.



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