March Entrepreneur Inspiration

March is here which means that the dark, cold doldrums of winter are coming to an end. Spring is around the corner which is a great time to rejuvenate your creative business juices in coming up with new business ideas. Springtime has become synonymous with new life and revival. Why not bring your entrepreneur dreams and goals to life with a new business idea?

To get you thinking about all the business possibilities out there, here are some ideas for domain names:

Ever heard of StubHub or Eventbrite? How about Ticketmaster? If you have ever gone out on the town or seen a concert or sporting event with friends, chances are you have.

More and more transactions are being done online. Purchasing tickets online are quick and easy (and you don’t have to wait in line or deal with disgruntled ticket sellers). With smartphones, people can buy tickets whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

Online ticketing also reduces the use of paper which reduces waste and saves the venue money that would otherwise be spent on printing paper tickets. Tickets scanned on the phone or printed at home also gets event guests in the doors quicker. is a great domain for an e-commerce company offering online ticket services. These services can range from selling and buying tickets to providing a safe and secure online ticket exchange.

The bulldog is more than a cute pet. It is the chosen mascot for countless high schools and colleges. It is also in the name of many businesses in a variety of fields ranging from construction to business development and coaching. can be a great domain for a company that does anything related to cleaning, whether it be for home staging, housekeeping, plumbing or debris clean-up from a home accident.

The bulldog is often portrayed as a tough, hard-worker, with a no-nonsense attitude. BulldogCleaning would be a great name for a construction company or a company that cleans up construction sites. Plumbing and other pipe-fitting repair companies as well as companies specializing in cleaning up homes destroyed by fire or flooding could also be good candidates for a name like Bulldog Cleaning.

Running is more of the most popular forms of exercises. It sees a peak at the beginning of the year with New Year’s Resolutions. As the weather gets warmer, more would-be runners will attempt to exercise. After all, summer is coming and you have to be swimsuit ready.

Runners, no matter if they’re running for the first time or they’re a seasoned pro, like to be motivated and encouraged when running.

With the popularity of running and the outdoor, active lifestyle, there have been successful fitness apps that have sprung up, including Fitbit, Map My Run and RunKeeper. has many possibilities when it comes to a business. This domain can be used as a step or daily fitness tracker that provides both challenge and encouragement to the user or it can be used as an e-commerce site for a company that sells anything from supplements to water bottles to light-weight, moisture-wicking clothing that can help runners get more out of their workout.

Tired of reading all the weird chemicals that you can’t pronounce on food nutrition labels? Whether you’re a nutritionist looking to enhance the diet, and quality of life of clients, or you’re a chef wanting to branch out and provide patrons with nutritious, affordable meals or you’re a farmer or part of a food co-op looking to get your natural, pesticide-free food on grocery store shelves or on display at local famers’ markets, a brand name, like would be eye-catching.

With this domain name, you’ll attract the targeted patrons, buyers and clients who want to eat healthy, all-natural meals.

Spring is a good time to bring life to your business. You can be one more step closer to making that a reality by selecting an amazing business name and domain.

We hope that our ideas have given you some inspiration on what your new business can be called and the applications you can have with a premium domain name.

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