My Domain Name is Taken. Now What?

My Domain Name is Taken. Now What?

You’ve spent months coming up with the perfect domain name for your company. You go to register when you get the dreaded message that it’s already been registered and is unavailable. Before you begin to despair that all hope is lost, there are some alternative ways around this major setback:

  1. Try a different domain name. Using an alternate, less common domain name may give you a better chance of grabbing your preferred domain name. Maybe try different versions and spellings of your domain name and your #2 domain name. In some cases, adding on one word at the beginning or end of the name can yield a domain that is available.

When coming up with alternate domain names, make sure to keep it memorable and avoid long, hard to spell words.

  1. Can You Use a Different Extension? .com is by far the most popular domain name extension. Your chances of getting your desired domain name with this extension is low. While may be take, is available? There are many other domain extensions out there and most of them have the same page authority as .com sites. Even if you don’t like any of the alternative extensions, you can get one temporarily and wait for your preferred domain name to expire.
  2. Find the Owner. If you’re completely set on a specific domain and don’t want to consider an alternative, you can look-up and reach out to the person who does own the domain and ask if you can buy it from them. This can be a tricky maneuver requiring savviness and good negotiation skills.

To find the owner, you look him or her up using a Whois lookup. In this look up, the owners email should be available as well as whether they are willing to part with the domain.

Before emailing the owner, be prepared to make an offer on the domain. Know how much you’re willing to spend in advance. Send multiple emails to the owner, with the first asking if the domain name is available to purchase, and if so, how much are they selling it for. In your second email, your offer can be made.

Sometimes negotiating over domain manes can be intimidating, especially if you don’t do it often. For the abovementioned customers, it is recommended that a domain name broker be hired to negotiate for you.

Waiting for the domain to expire is the last-resort effort if you’re unable to track down and contact the domain name owner.

  1. Watch the Domain. If the owner of your preferred domain can’t be contacted, the domain isn’t for sale or the owner refuses to negotiate on a price for the domain, all you can do is just wait for it to expire and grab it before he or she renews it. The registrar that registered the domain may have its individual renewing process and time table. Be sure to check this out so you know when the domain expires.

Whether you’re still looking for a domain name for your business or you must go back to square one because your domain name is already taken, browse the large collection of premium and brandable domain names at Domain Market. We also have additional tools and resources available to help you navigate the domain name buying process and maintenance.

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