Necessary Elements When Choosing Your Brand Identity

Branding is essential when it comes to building the visual position of your company, which can have a major impact on a business’s success. After all, humans are extremely visual when it comes to our likes and dislikes.

Everyone knows exactly what the branding for Nike or Coca-Cola is without having to look it up. This is because they made smart branding decisions early in their process of becoming business powerhouses. When it comes to the thought and effort that goes along with discovering your own company’s online identity, “just do it.”

When you are creating your brand identity, keep in mind you want to meet the demands of different media platforms, while, at the same time, showing a uniform identity. For example, font choices are limited when it comes to website design, but that shouldn’t mean that you limit yourself to “corporate” typeface for printed marketing materials. In fact, establishing more elements into your basic look will help your brand identity avoid disintegration.

Here are 8 steps to help you brand your company “like a boss.”

The Power of Branding

1- Logo or Wordmark?

A wordmark (or logotype) is the words of your company set in a specific and fixed way. A logo is a graphic symbol. Both of these elements should be professionally designed and set throughout the lifespan of your website and marketing material.

2- Different Logo “Lockups”

Although the appearance may sometimes differ, based on placement and usage, your logo should always be “by the book” and consistent. So, you may need different versions that can be used horizontally or for square applications, but each of them should have the same unique qualities as your official logo.

3- Corporate Typefaces

Make sure that each of your company computers has a standardized typeface of fonts to be used for all correspondence, such as emails and client outreach.

4- Colors Are Key

Logos should always have a very specific color coordination. Generally, you should keep it to 2-3 colors, but logos can often become complex. Just keep in mind: less is more and following your chosen color scheme should be a part of your company’s future.

5- Additional Color Palette Options

Think about which colors complement each other, such as bright and bold, cool and calm, or a soft-pastel palette. Your color choice can, and will, grab the attention of the audience you are trying to reach.

6- Typographic Treatment

This should be a similar form of key types of text. Consistency is king in this situation. It may be the way you capitalize your headlines or the precise way you type your URL/URLs.

7- Graphic Elements

“The devil is in the details,” or so they say, and branding is no different. When branding your website, pay close attention to the line style treatment, background texture, and use of white space or color blocks.

8- Image Consistency

There is no need to use the same photo over and over and over… you get the point… again, but images are immensely important. Brightly lit, highly detailed photos are attractive focal points for many. However, you do not need to use photos at all. Illustrations, charts, and graphs have just as much of an impact. Just be sure to be consistent in style, and pay attention to the theme/color scheme of your photographs and artwork.

The foundation for a solid and legit-brand identity is built from a comprehensive graphic standpoint. Once you get the ball rolling, your graphic identity becomes rock solid and something that people all over the world will recognize. When building your brand, keep in mind that web design can make or break your online presence, graphics should be thought out and have relevance, and each application you create has the power to build or dilute a comprehensive-brand identity.

Often seen as a “small part” of a business plan, branding has the potential to thrust your company into the limelight, or take it into the sad-dark-online black hole. Start with a domain name that is simple, relevant to your brand, and can easily guide people to your site and services. Then give it the attention that it needs, so you can launch your website and identity branding into an extremely successful place.

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