The Missed Opportunities of NOT Having an Online Presence

Today’s world is filled with the convenience and ease of online, well, everything. In all reality, a person could never leave their home and have everything at their fingertips through the magic of technology. Anyone can have their groceries ordered and delivered right to their home, their favorite chicken-tikka-masala dish handed to them at their front door, and life’s necessities brought to them by FedEx.

This is all excellent news for the consumer, but we want to take a closer look at what it means for a business who is either lacking a strong online presence or who simply doesn’t have one at all. There are millions of people out there who thrive off of the advantage that technology has provided and, as a business owner, this is your opportunity to take your market by storm.

Working to improve online presence

If you do not have an online presence you are missing out on several opportunities that may very well catapult your company into a money-making force to be reckoned with.

Here is a look at some of the missed opportunities that come with avoiding or neglecting your online presence:

  1. Potential customers, clients, consumers cannot find you – Even if you are listed in the Yellow Pages, or have traditionally relied on face-to-face referrals, Google dominates the world of those seeking services. But remember, that you need to have more than just a website that shows your hours of operation and address. You need to get to the top of the search engine rankings or risk leaving your potential patrons in the dark, or worse, seeking services from another facility.
  1. Establishing industry knowledge and leadership – People often turn to the online world to get educated on thousands of topics. This could have been your moment to highlight your industry knowledge by making accurate and educational information available to those who are seeking specific knowledge about the specialized service you provide.
  1. A better reputation – No reputation can be as damaging as a bad reputation. Many people look towards online testimonies to help guide their judgement of a certain business or company. If you don’t have any comments about the services you provide, it can be just as detrimental as having a string of “this place is the worst” comments. However, if you’re actively building your online presence, you could get involved with these comments and make sure your reputation is creating the right image.
  1. Improved efficiency – When someone visits your site they should have the option to provide feedback on their experience. Whether this is good or bad, it should give your company room to grow, expand, and become more efficient through the eyes of your patrons.
  1. Control your brand – The content that is created for your site is a direct representative of your brand. Search engines can pull information from other sources and create business profiles based on their findings. This is the opportunity to take the reins and claims of all of your listings.
  1. Recommendations – The online world (and real-life world) thrives on “word of mouth.” If you have given exceptional service to your customers they will share their incredible experience), with their friends and family, but if you cannot be found online, this will be another missed opportunity.

Bottom line: having an online presence is what will ultimately fuel your company’s success. The way you promote your online presence can make or break the outcome of your business.

People want information and products fast, and they want to have the opportunity to learn more about them, or make a purchase ask quickly and easily as possible. So if you question the power that your website may (or may not) have, then a deeper look may be called for. Online is king. That is just the nature of the beast. If you do not grow in the internet world, you may be missing out on some huge opportunities.

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  1. Decky du on June 27, 2016 at 9:50 am

    I think so. Now more and more opportunities will show up on the web. If you don’t take it, you will lose it.

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