Why Do I Need a Domain Name Server?


 Why Do I Need a Domain Name Server?

If you have a website, chances are you have taken your domain name server (DNS) for granted. Domain name servers play an instrumental part in how we browse the Internet. In fact, searching the web will be vastly different (and more difficult) without DNSs.

What Are Domain Name Servers?

Domain name servers are computer servers that read domain names of websites. The domain name is the part of a website URL between the www. and the top-level domain (TLD) which is commonly identified as .com, .us, .biz, .edu, .org, etc.

We identify and locate websites based on the URLs and domain names of websites. Computers, on the other hand, locate websites based on the IP address of the computer on which a website was created on or is hosted on.  As you’re probably aware, IP addresses are long series of numbers. Domain names are words.

Domain name servers translate the website’s IP address into a domain name and vice versa. With domain name serves, web pages are easily retrieved by both computers and web users. Domain name servers are what makes it possible for a user to type in a website URL and get instantly directed to the correct website.

Domain name servers identify the website’s IP address by first looking in the root DNS servers where it will look first for the to- level domain. From there the corresponding IP address of the domain name will be located. When this is found, then the webpage will come up.

Sounds complicated? Well, just imagine how we’d be browsing the web if it weren’t for DNS. No domains, just a bunch of numbers!

Why is DNS Important?

As mentioned previously, domain name servers translate the computer language of dots and numbers into letters and words that we humans can better understand and remember. Without DNSs, website URLs will look like http://123.45.678.910 rather than http://www.abc.com. Which one are you likely to remember? Likely the latter. Domain name servers, in essence, serve as a phone book for the Internet. If you don’t know a webpage’s IP address, (which you probably don’t unless it’s your website) you find the website based on its domain name.

In a nutshell, your website and the millions of other websites on the Internet will be extremely hard to find by web users. If people couldn’t find your site, you lose out on customers and their business. Without domain name servers, your business will suffer and your Internet marketing efforts will be done in vain.

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