Why Your Brand and Your Domain Should be the Same

There are very few businesses that can get away with not having a website. Consumers are continuing to turn to the internet for their shopping and to learn more about a company before doing businesses with it. No matter what size your business is, it can benefit from a great presence on the internet, and that all starts with your domain.

Less Confusion

If people already know your company name (perhaps they came across an ad, or were referred to you by a previous company), then their first attempt to find your company online will likely be to type your company name into a browser. If your domain name and brand name don’t match up, this may not produce the most effective results. If someone else actually shows up in the results for your name, this could be potentially damaging to your long-term success. When a potential customer sits down to find out more about your company, the harder it is to find you, the less likely they are to do business with you.

Marketing Costs

Depositphotos_54422231_mIf you do not match your domain to your brand name, you will need a bigger marketing budget. Instead of marketing your brand and company as a whole, your team will have to double their efforts to market your domain as a separate entity from the rest of your brand. Website traffic is important to a business, so this means some companies even neglect other marketing elements as they attempt to build a reputation around a different domain name.

There are ways to get around this, like always making your domain a part of your advertising message, but it will still require more effort and work from a marketing department to do it right. Their job is a lot less complicated if they don’t have to focus on marketing a separate domain because people will probably just remember it is the same as the brand.

Stronger Following

If you are using a keyword as your domain that doesn’t necessarily fit your brand, customers may fall through the cracks. A typical first-time customer will only search for the right company for a certain amount of time before just clicking on a competitor’s site instead. In other words, if you’re depending on keywords to drive traffic, rather than your brand name, you are going to have to work really hard to rank well, or all those potential customers are just going to go somewhere else.

If you have a domain that is easy to remember, your followers will have an easier time coming back every time they need a product from you.

Cover Your Bases

A lot of companies find that it is in their interest to buy a few different domains that go beyond their brand names and have some relevance to their products or services. This may be to prevent the competition from buying a potentially valuable domain, or to develop a more expansive online campaign in support of their branded domains.

There are many things to consider when you pick your domain, but there are definitely a lot of benefits to matching it to your brand. Do your research and make sure that you can support your decision. If you are going to spend money promoting and maintaining a domain, you should know that it is your best option.

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