Are .Art Domains Worth all The Hype?


Be prepared for some changes when you purchase a premium domain name through a registrar, namely with the extension of .art.

Yes, .art.

Apparently, there are around 3.5 million premium domains with the .art extension. Most of these domains are selling in the hundreds or thousands.

Some examples include: for $390, for $2,100, and for $1,100.

The New Domain Pricing Structure?

It is not common for domains to have more than a handful of pricing levels. Standard domains are the cheapest and can’t be as customized. Premium domains are more expensive because they are seen as more valuable, whereby increasing the competition to buy them. Within certain premium domain name extensions, the pricing can vary based on the name.

The more domains that are sold with a certain extension, the greater the flexibility in expanding different price levels.

The 700 different pricing tiers for the .art domain appears unusual for a domain that has more 3.5 million premium domains.

This unusual domain pricing strategy has befuddled industry experts and have gotten a mixed reception from domain registries.

Some registries like Donut and Uniregistry have accepted the more expensive pricing while others, including the domain registry giant, GoDaddy, have brought fierce pushback in response to the price hike and change.

Most of the pushback has come from the confusion of what to do with the .art domains that have been registered. Some domain registries have begun implementing a grandfather policy where only the .art domains purchased after the price hike will be forced to pay the higher amount.

With its fierce opposition to the new pricing policy, you won’t be able to find .art premium domains on GoDaddy.

To buy your premium .art domain, you’ll need to take your pretty pennies somewhere else.

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The Hip .Art Domain

Why is the .art domain the newest domain fad? You would think the .art domain would appeal to artists. But why are companies that have nothing to do with art signing-up?

It is still a mystery as to why companies (not artists) are flocking to the .art extension. There are two leading hypotheses:

  1. .art, like .com are only three letters long, making them really easy to remember. The .art extension is also short, making the URL look better in the browser.
  2. .art can be used for sites in different parts of the world that speak a different language. The word art is the same in English, Spanish and French.

It is curious why this extension has become the latest craze. After all, wouldn’t the .art extension be perfect for artists?

Since the .art domains have become available in early May, it is estimated that there are at least 3.5 million .art domains.


As with all new trends and fads, there are plenty of sceptics who think that .art will never be the new .com. It is still new and many experts think its appeal will eventually fade.

The quality of .art’s premium domains are also under scrutiny. After all, 3.5 million premium domains are a lot.

The 700 different pricing levels domain registries will be required to sell .art domains add increasing complexity to the domain buying process by making it harder to rank the quality of premium domains into more segmented layers.

It is important to have a high-quality domain for your business’ website. It still has yet to be determined if the .art domain popularity will last. In the meantime, you can play it safe and get choose a premium .com domain from the many available at Domain Market.

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