Top 5 Domain Name Myths

If you’re a business owner, a company’s IT specialist, or an entrepreneur, you’ve likely came across the word “domain name.” You know that it has something to do with a website URL and that a domain name is how people find you online.

You may feel intimidated when thoughts of working with domain names enter your mind. You may think that you don’t have the necessary knowledge, the time, or the budget to work with domain names.

Maybe you don’t yet have a website and think a domain name isn’t necessary.

Despite all the excuses out there to avoid working with domain names, they are simpler than you think.

Here are 5 of the most common myths concerning domain names that most people get caught up on:

Myth #1: Registering a Domain Name is Difficult

There are numerous domain names available on the web just waiting for someone to claim them. Most domain names can be registered in as little as 5 minutes or less. All you need to do is visit an online domain name retailer to browse their available domain names. Simply select the one or two, or more that you want, pay and voila! Some domain name retailers, like Go Daddy sells domain names as well as manage the web hosting and other aspects relating to a customers’ domain names. This allows you to not only register a domain, but it also allows you to also set up a website all at once.

Myth #2: I Only Need a Domain Name if I Have a Website

While domain names are an essential part of any website, you can still utilize a domain name even if you don’t have a website. It is a good idea to jump on a domain name you like or which will be a great fit for your company before launching a website. Even if a website is many years down the road, at least you’ll own (if you keep renewing the domain name) that domain and not have to worry about someone else taking it.

Even if you have a website, registering additional domains can greatly help your company’s future rebranding or product expansion endeavors.

Some people even register domain names to create a branded email address and alternative social media pages.

In any case, having the domain name you want before having a website will remove much frustration when your website does get built and becomes live.

Myth #3: Registering a Domain Name is Expensive

Certain specialty, premium and top-level domain names may be expensive, especially when there is great competition for it, can be enough to break the bank. Most domain names, however, are priced fairly reasonably. Some domains go for as little as $.99 per year.

In fact, the prices of most domain names are so inexpensive, many companies buy multiple domain names and use them in a portfolio to use for branding or as part of their brand protection strategy.

Myth #4: Domain Name Registration Equals Domain Name Ownership

It is a common mistake to equate ownership of a domain name with registering a domain name. While companies may say they own a domain name, they actually only have sole use of the domain name as long as they renew the registration and keep it from expiring.

Domain names are priced on a subscription type schedule that allows a person or a company to register and keep that domain for a certain length of time, which is usually in yearly increments. At the end of the registration period, the domain name registrant has the option to renew the domain name or let it expire. Once a domain name is expired, it is released and someone else can register and claim it.

It is important to renew your domain name registration as a new domain name will require a complete rebranding campaign and all the hard work you did for the company website will either be for naught or it would provide free work to the person who registered your expired domain name.

Myth #5: .Com Domain Names are the Only Option if I Want to Look Professional

There are many different types of domain name extensions out there and more keep getting invented every year. The .com domain name extension is still the most popular and easily recognized one. Because it is so prevalent in the business space, most consumers associate it with authority and trustworthiness.

There are other domain name extensions, that while not as common or memorable, can still be professional. .Net, .org, .biz, .edu, and .co are alternative domain name extensions that are also commonly used and seen as legitimate.

Selecting the  most appropriate domain name for your company’s website will take much thought and research. Your domain name will need to include your company’s targeted keywords, be short enough to be easily recalled and remembered and interesting.

Sometimes the domain you want is not available with the .com ending, but it is available using the .biz ending. Don’t let the unavailability of the .com ending force you to utilize a less effective keyword. Try alternate domain name endings first.

Registering a domain name is easier and cheaper than you think. You don’t need extensive IT knowledge. You should register, or reserve, your desired domain name even if you don’t have a website and you should do extensive research in coming up with the keywords to put into your domain name. If the .com domain name extension is already in use, try for a less common, though just as legitimate domain name extension.

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