Use Your Domain Name to Start Protecting Your Brand Online

Did you know that your domain name and the integrity of your brand’s online presence are related?

If you think about it, it makes sense.

When you browse for a business online, don’t you judge or come up with some sort of perception about the brand’s credibility based on the URL of its website?

This is why selecting, maintaining, keeping and protecting a high-quality, premium domain name is important. If you’re able to guard your website’s domain name from hackers and counterfeits, the more trustworthy your company will appear.

A Brand Can’t Be Established Online Without A Domain

If you look around at the biggest, most successful or most popular brands, they have strong, simple, catchy, easy-to-remember domain names that contain keywords such as their company’s name.

For large companies, the name of their company is the same as the keyword they’re ranking for in SEO. These domains are easily recognized and web users have no doubt that when they type in a URL with the company’s business name in it.

For instance, if you typed in, you can count on it taking you to the homepage of the large, popular soda brand, Pepsi. Pepsi has been around for many years and its products are consumed all over the world. They’re a legit company you can trust.

Chances are these well-known, well-established companies wasted no time in buying, registering, and protecting their website’s domain names.

Registration of domains is an important first-step to take. You eliminate the opportunity for someone to take your domain name from you by registering it through a web hosting service.

You just can’t stop there. When you register your domain, you need to lock the domain at a certain registry level so that no just anyone can come in and hijack your domain name, and thus, diminish your company’s online reputation. Only allowing a few users to have the proper credentials needed to change the domain is one way to keep it out of the hands of others who wish to do your company harm.

Another safeguard you can implement is to align your domains with corporate objectives and make it clear that your domain is clearly tied to your business. In the case that someone comes in and hijacks your domain, your returning customers and those familiar with your brand will better notice the discrepancies in the messaging and way of communicating.

Be Proactive to Create Opportunities for Your Brand

As with many things in life, it is better to be proactive and prevent something horrible from happening than to wait until something does happen and you must put out the fires. Install spyware, and SSL certificates to be safe.

Also consider a variety of top-level domains (even international ones) that can provide benefits and opportunities for your business’ brand. By adding multiple top-level domains to your company’s domain portfolio, you’re taking away opportunities for similar domains as your company has to fall into the wrong hands.

In continuing the Pepsi example, Pepsi is an international company. If they only stuck with buying, registering and maintaining the U.S. domain, someone could easily purchase (Pepsi’s Japan site) and create a fake Pepsi site where they can post malicious content on. The result is a hit to Pepsi’s online reputation and image.

Browser address bar with domain

What Are Cyber Squatters and What Do They Do?

Cyber squatters use well-known domains to divert the traffic that that would normally go to a brand’s site to the squatters site. Cyber squatters then make money off of unsuspecting customers who don’t know they landed on an imitation or fake website.

These domain hackers can utilize tricky, hard to catch tactics such as phishing, using spoofed domains and using homoglyphs in a legit domain.

Sometimes the attack can be so subtle that a company won’t catch on until a lot of reputation damage has been done.

Not all cyber squatters and hackers can be caught, but by doing your due diligence in being proactive, registering multiple top-level domains, limiting who gets administrator access and regularly checking your domains, you can help minimize the risk of a reputation attack on your brand.

Whether you’re looking for your first domain for your website or you’re looking for multiple versions and combination of top-level domains to expand and diversify your domain portfolio to protect your domain, and reputation from getting hijacked, Domain Market has the premium domains you’re looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about domains, the domain buying process and how to register and protect your domain.

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