Who Buys a Domain Like “Yeezy.Supply”? Kanye West, That’s Who

Kanye West stirred up a lot of interest in a brand new website on the day he tweeted out the link: yeezy.supply. That’s the kind of thing that happens, of course, when someone who has roughly a bajillion Twitter followers shares a link.

However, all that greeted the visitors when they arrived on the site was a countdown to February 12 and a three-minute video playing in the background.

People were quick to point out that February 12 was just in time for the New York Fashion Week, so the immediate assumption was that this would have something to do with the launch of his new shoe line for Adidas.

The website continued to go through a number of changes, with each new video sparking new discussion and speculation about what might be coming when the countdown hit zero. (This website tracked the changes if you’re interested in seeing the specifics. If nothing else, it’s an interesting case study in building and keeping interest without actually showing a product or anything of relevance.)

In the end, this was, indeed, to reveal his Yeezy Boost shoes, which were shown off at the New York fashion show.

Most people expected the site to become some kind of merchandise store for Mr. West as soon as the products were announced. The assumptions were wrong, though, and, as of the time of publication, yeezy.supply now was a timer that is counting up, instead of down. For a time it played a video of the fashion show, and now it has switched to a video of a live performance.

KanyePerformanceWho knows what it’s counting to… or why the fashion show’s soundtrack was just that creepy trumpet wailing?

And yet, people continue to visit the site in huge numbers (we have to assume), which goes to show that there’s a lot in a simple name. In this case, though, it’s probably safe to assume that the name that carried the wait was Kanye West, and not yeezy.supply.

What Hype Does for a Domain

When someone with so many followers tweets something, there are a lot of people who are going to automatically visit the site. Mr. West has the ability to build hype all on his own. He doesn’t need to go through the steps that most companies do to get visitors clicking on their links and going to their website.

So when Kanye puts up a link to yeezy.supply, it will send thousands and thousands of visitors to the website. It will even get hundreds of media websites to start linking to it and sending more traffic.

But when the hype dies down, you have to wonder: what good is this kind of domain really going to do him?

.supply? Does That Even Exist?

The vast majority of the internet users have probably never seen a domain extension like .supply. They know and expect .com first and foremost, and if not that, maybe a .net or .org. So without all that hype, what would people do? What are they most likely to type into the address bar in a browser?

Yeezy.com? That’s probably what most people would try because that is what we associate with web addresses.

Of course, they may just do a quick search for “yeezy” (and that assumes they know how to spell it right and don’t think that it’s meant to be “easy” with a “y” in front of it). If you search for” yeezy” today, what comes up is some news about the shoes, but not the actual domain. If you search for “yeezy.supply” you’ll see the tickets.yeezy.supply (as of the time of the publishing), and if you just type in “yeezy.com,” you’ll go to a page that says the domain is parked and not being used.  But, let’s face it, the .com version just comes naturally to most people.

If they want any lasting search engine traction, they’re going to have to start working on it right now.

Why Would He Buy It?

Of course, we can’t speak to the exact reasons for buying such a domain, but we can always speculate. (And who doesn’t love speculating about the behavior of celebrities?)

Maybe someone told him that it was the Beyoncé of domain names, and that if he didn’t rush the stage and defend what he judged the better choice, then no one would understand how important it is.

Maybe he just felt that, like Beyoncé, the .supply domains weren’t getting the attention or the awards they deserved.

Maybe he just wanted to be different.

What Else Might have Worked?

If you’re going to go for a .supply domain name, why stop there? There’s a wide range of names he could have bought into that might have made just as much sense. Maybe something like:

  • my – Sure, the .my domain can only be registered by companies or people in Malaysia, but surely that’s not much of a problem.
  • shoes – There is, in fact, a .shoes domain extension. Really, it’s a wonder no one thought of this already.
  • red, kanyeshoes.blue, etc,. – If yeezy.supply is too vague for some people, you might as well hit the nail right on the head.
  • supplies, yeezy.equipment – A lot of companies will buy the .org, .net, and .biz domain extensions of their name just to make sure no one jumps in on their branding efforts. Maybe Mr. West should take this into account.

Does It Count as a Premium Domain Name?

Our definition of a premium domain is not very complicated. The best domains are simple, short, and memorable. That’s pretty much all you need.

So does Kanye West’s new domain fit that definition? Well, the first half kind of does, but that .supply extension really blows it. While you could argue that it is unique enough to catch a person’s attention, it is not something that sticks in the mind. It doesn’t even roll off the tongue. Try it. What is smoother to say? “Yeezy dot supply” or “yeezy dot com”?

The moral of this story, then, is that if you have roughly a bajillion social media followers, you can make anything out of a strange domain. For the rest of us, you’re better off looking for something a little more effective. At DomainMarket.com we’ve spent years curating an extensive list of relevant and effective names so you can quickly and easily find the best one for your business.

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