Why Does “Typability” Matter for Domains?

You’re getting your business put together, now you have to decide on a name. In the past, there were less factors that played into selecting a business name. Now you must have an online presence for your business in the form of a website. Your business name must convey just as well on the website as on a business card.

While there are millions of website designs and layouts to choose from, the most important element is the domain name. This is what people type in to get to your site, so ideally it should be the same as your company name. You want something catchy, unique and easy for customers to remember.

Typeability matters for domain names

Over the last few years, the rise of smartphones has gotten much attention. On DMR Stats, there are over 1 billion Android smartphone users worldwide of which 87% visited a Google website. In the United States, Android users make up a little over half of the mobile OS market. According to a Search Engine Land article, Google announced that more web searches are done on smartphones than on desktops.

What does all this mean to you and your business’s website? You not only need to be present online, your website also must render well on smartphones. Your domain name, just like the layout of your website, need to be smartphone compatible. You need to have a mobile responsive website and a domain name that is easily typable.

Keyboards are different on computers and laptops from the ones used on smartphones. With more people doing mobile searches, you need to take that into consideration when selecting a domain name. If you ignore the rising prevalence of smartphones, you’re putting your business at a great disadvantage. You’ll be losing out on valuable potential profit.

One of the reasons smartphones have become popular is that more can be done on the go. Everything is moving at a faster pace and people want fast and convenient service. If your business’s domain name is hard for potential customers to quickly type on their smartphones, they will quickly move on to the next company, which will likely be your competitor.

So, how do you know if your domain name has good typability? There is a patent out for a domain typability tool created by a company named Verisign that calculates domain typability based on the layout of different mobile devices. More about this great tool can be read here.

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